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Today, Santiago offers wide gastronomic alternatives, which combined with wines, gives us an experience that will make you fly ...

Les Dix Vins

Surely you heard that Chilean wine is one of the most diverse wines in the world, which was rediscovered La Carmenere, that there are various strains and valleys. And you sure know the French wine ... Okay, you know!

Well this is not a ring but it looks a lot: Chile and France cup by cup, in front of you and without quarter!

Accompany us to travel through the more than 100 French and Chilean labels of independent winemakers and the so-called author wines, in this exclusive wine bar.

Located in one of the best gastronomic districts of Santiago, the proposal is to generate a playful and memorable instance.

Barrica 94
A good library knows that every book is a world and therefore puts them in front of you so that you choose well yours. And classify them by title, by year, by author and any element that facilitates that it reaches your hands, open it and your head flies ... In Barrica 94 they do the same. BUT WITH WINES!

And of course, there are 300 varieties ready to drink and mate.

In the tourist heart of Providencia, this is a wine bar where the Chilean influence is felt in its gastronomy with typical national dishes with Gourmet touch, that we will marry with the different national labels of the valleys of Chile and the passion placed in each Cup.