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It is known the influence of the moon on the tides, on the human, and on the plants. It makes sense, both people and plants are composed in a large part of water, and the effects of the moon are patent.

Tipaume Vineyard

Located between Rosario and Rengo, there is a small family vineyard, 100% organic and Biodynamic, Viña Tipaume. Join us on this tour, where you will live the Biodinamismo and we will approach to the ancestral vinification, in amphoras of clay and its influence when tasting the same vines vinified in oak barrels.

From monday to sunday (8:30 a 18:00)
Departure from Santiago to Tringario Vineyard
Tipaume Vineyard
Specialized Tour Guide
Visit to the vineyards
Visit to the winery
Wine tasting
Lunch at Tipaume Vineyard