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In the Colchagua Valley, from 2014, two farmers, Jaime Núñez and José Antonio Bravo, an agronomist and a winegrower, started their project, Viña OWM, in the Panama Fundo, on the way to Lolol, whose concept is far from the large employers' houses. In this boutique vineyard, we will be part of the winemaking process. Here it is sought that the visitor learn of the elaboration and bottling its own wine, playing with the different varieties.

It is an experience, where you can become an oenologist for one day ...

However, we can not stop talking about your OWM wine, which speaks of passion and experience, with the varieties Carmenare + Petite Sirah + Petit Verdot, whose percentage varies according to the year.


Departures monday to sunday (8:30 a 18:00)
Transfers from Santiago with specialized tour guide
Visit to OWM Vineyard
Lunch at Santa Cruz
Return to Santiago