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South of Santiago, we find the valley of Itata, whose landscape begins to conquer from the beginning. Here it seems that time has stopped, it is a trip to the Chilean winemaking tradition, mixed at times with more modern and technified wineries Unlike other valleys, here we can see old and vigorous, low-sized vines where the grape grows in case of touching The ground and it is common to see vines hanging from the hills or between pine forests.

It lived a time of glory, but from the second half of the twentieth century, the wines of this valley are placed in Jaque. Today its wines and strains like Country, Cinsault and Moscatel, see the light again.


2 or 3 days
Departure from Santiago
Specialized Tour Guide
Lunch at Tranque Don Cande
Visit to small producer
Visit to Winery
Visit to Viña de Neira
Visit to the main square
Accommodation at Hotel Puesta del Sol in Guarilihue
Visit to the first Jesuit winery